Roman Domus, spa mini resort next to Mérida.
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It is inner courtyard that articulated the Roman House. The different rooms are distributed around the atrium and it is where the visitors expected to be received by the dominus.

It is one of the most beautiful spaces of the House, both as an element of representation, as one of the most frequented rooms. It was the place of forced step to go to any part of the House, but it is also an extraordinary place to make life in it.

Complubium of the blue Atrium playing its role.  Atrio  In the blue Atrium

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En el atrio azul es donde desayunamos, y en el rojo damos los masajes en verano, pues tiene la temperatuIts peculiarity lies in being half open half closed, so it is a perfect place to be at halftime. The central open space (impluvium) allows to see rain almost as if we were under water. It's almost like being outdoors but without the inconveniences when it rains or punishes the Sun.

Red Atrium

We have two atriums, the blue and red, one in each wing of the House, which added to the peristyle and the upper terrace allow customers to choose where be calmly.