Roman Domus, spa mini resort next to Mérida.
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THE DOMUS, (roman house)

In the West has never lived like in Roman times (the people free, obviously) and it is now possible to recover some of this knowledge. So we've recreated a Roman villa with baths, to relax and enjoy an exclusive basis with your partner or friends.

Blue atrium and lararium The peristilum porch

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They had time, so long, that to give us an idea, the holidays could reach two hundred and fifty days in a year.

Our goal is get the spaces present in the Roman houses, the fruit of centuries of experimentation, to take the best of the conquered (Greece, Egypt, Carthage ...), bringing them together for comfort and harmony..

Viridarium, the roman garden Aqua Libera, a roman house The natatio in the roman garden

A Roman structure is defined by several elements that are grouped together to create unique environments. For example, the atrium is covered but has a central open space (lighting, ventilation), where a tree (aromatic, ornamental, color) and source (fresh, sound, water, wealth), which in turn attracts the birds to drink (life, movement, singing together to the sound of water).

The beauty was linked to the utility.

shade and coolnessIn the house always has one (or more) options to be comfortable, there's always a cool place in the middle of summer dog days: in the courtyard by the fountain or, if one takes a bath in the bathhouse, leaving the ambiance pleasant by the thermal contrast.

We put what some at the entrance of his house: "Parva domus, magna quies. The house is small but great tranquility.

In the rooms, the atriums, the spa, the garden, the triclinium, or in the outdoor pool, you can live like a true Roman.