Roman Domus, spa mini resort next to Mérida.
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There are hundreds of Roman recipes, Apicius especially, but also of Marcial, Columella, Pliny, Cato, Virgil, etc.

The dishes have a Mediterranean taste, recognizable and exquisite. Are seasoned with aromatic herbs: pepper, laser root, cumin, honey, etc., as prescribed, with a particularly evocative and different flavor.

Triclinium  Wood oven  Biclinium for a couple  Quail with garum

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We investigate all year to be faithful to the original dishes and offer a varied menu, where roasted in a wood oven, the bread of spelled, rye and wheat, or sauces that accompany the dishes are our specialty.

The tasting menu is composed of seven or eight dishes. It is abundant, as befits a Roman banquet.

Banquet in triclinium  Early imperial Roman cuisine  Roman cuisine
Typical roman Oil lamp  Roman recipe  Roman recipe: defrutum

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Served in triclinium (up to nine seats), in biclinium (for a couple ) or conventional table. At night we illuminate with roman oil lamps, which create a lovely atmosphere and totally free of mosquitoes.


The lunches and dinners are made specifically for the occasion, so you need to book in advance and enter a small deposit to confirm it.

If you have any allergies or don't like any ingredients, tell us, the Roman cookbook is very wide and we can replace any dish.