Roman Domus, spa mini resort next to Mérida.
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It is the traditional Roman dining room.

Romantic evening Enjoy with friends Four Roman patrician Night lit by oil lamps

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Ours is a garden's triclinium, overlooking the peristyle and to cookouts, but shaded and protected from wind..

Here is a pleasure lunch or dinner, slowly, listening music, fountain and birds.

Is perfect for four to nine guests. The heads will converge to the center and usually only keep a one conversation, contrasting with the bustle of contemporary dining. This is the place to be in the company , honoring the words of Epicurus: "We should look for someone for eat and drink before you get something to eat and drink, dining alone is the life of a lion or a wolf."

grarden's Triclinium

In the center is a small pond where boats float with the food, which are driven by diners for navigating between them.

The triclinium is stocked by Romans dishes with the best culinary recipes from imperial kitchen.