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Hotel Rural junto a Mérida

Recreation of a Roman house, Ancient cuisine, massages and Spa.

We will remain closed until 1 March, although during this period can be booked for a later date.

templo romano Premio nueva empresa extremeña

NEEX 2009
Award for the Best
Rural Enterprise

Eco Friendly

Committed to the environment.
We use biomass
And solar energy

en las termas

A domus where to enjoy with your friends

Or a special place for a
Romantic stay with your partner

Comiendo en el triclinium

Roman food is exquisite

There are many dishes to choose from

Domus next to Mérida, in the centre of Extremadura. Near Cáceres, Trujillo, Medellín...

c/ Cáceres nº 26 Aljucén (Badajoz, Spain)
(+34)924145623 - (+34)667520190

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