Roman Domus, spa mini resort next to Mérida.
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We have tried to strike a balance between strength and relaxation, why not get our massages leave you indifferent. This is not to suffer, and you can always tell our masseuses give it softer or more intense, according to your taste.

You can choose the aromatic oil: from rosemary, myrtle, almond, bay leaf, orange, honeysuckle and magnolia.

masssage in the garden  Massage in the outdoor pool

We also have a number of special massage, each more interesting:

The lower empire massage, made with exfoliating soaps. Offers an enveloping sensation, clean, aromatic, smooth… Add the rejuvenating effect of the soaps to the benefits of a traditional massage.

The Emperor massage is given with the best of all of the above: it starts in the back, still in the feet, legs, hands, arms and head. We do this for philanthropic reasons since there are not enough sesterces in the known world to pay for this service.

The Four Hands Massage, is given simultaneously by two masseuses. This is a pleasure reserved for the gods and very few chosen mortals.

In Roman times the best masseurs came from Greece; so, in honor of them, we called cyrenaic the massage in the water.

Cyrene, a city located on the Mediterranean coast of Libya was a colony founded by the Greeks. There converged the best influences of old world: the luxury and wealth of Carthage, refinement of Egypt, Rome strength and philosophy of Greece..

It was the birthplace of Aristippus, founder of hedonism, which identified the good with pleasure.

Massage in Atrium  Cyrenaic massage in the pool  Massage in the warm pool

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This massage is a real treat. Levitating in the water while we hear our inner. The whole body is being caressed by water. Perfection exists, we witness.

For this massage alone can enter a maximum of two persons to the baths during the hour and a half, because you need all the warm pool for one. Meanwhile , the other alternating between hot and cold water. It is the perfect complement for a bath alone or with friends.


- - Massages must be booked in advance.