Roman Domus, spa mini resort next to Mérida.
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Our approach is to make a space to relax and soak in classical culture.

Aqua Libera is a place dedicated to the Historical reenactment. We try to stick to the written and archaeological documentation available (considering we do not have millions of sesterces and slaves). The Roman house was and is a place to enjoy and today, if you will, can also be a very educational site.

We put all the most affordable price. Our commitment is that virtually all profits are invested in facilities and activities: new mosaics, fountains, furniture, wall paintings, the larario, etc.

Latest large investments were:

- € 490 in an oven to bake bread, rolls and roasts. Now Naomi was not burning none. October 2012.

- € 17,000 in the biomass boiler and its accessories (olive stone reservoir, buffer tank 1000 liter tank, etc. ). As we have said, we have no slaves to attend the firewood praefurnium the baths and that's why we heat with biomass, more ethical and ecological. Done in April 2011.

- € 1,000 on the dishes for the restaurant, reproductions of Roman parts by Mérida artisans.

- We have also invested time and money in research: How floors "opus signinum " and mosaics are made, and especially in the development and paraphernalia of Roman cuisine.

In five years the change has been drastic: the outdoor pool, new courtyard, restaurant, triclinium , etc. We also include a hearty breakfast with our homemade breads. However, our prices have hardly risen from the foundation and are almost half that of other similar sites (please compare).

We also want the needy (or more involved) can enjoy Aqua Libera and to this end and in a playful way, we instituted a 50% discount to those who come dressed as Roman. Furthermore, together with our evergetas also halve the price walkers Via de la Plata.

We intend to take several of the most interesting elements of the house and Roman culture to enjoy today. The key approach is to distill "authenticity" and for this we used traditional building materials: stone, lime, sand, etc.

We're talking about feelings and therefore is totally subjective: some want more fidelity to the Roman, and others will see small, but the goal is to get a place in line with classical philosophy.